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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable
ADSS cable is the short form for All-dielectric Self-supporting Optical Cable. ADSS fiber optic cable is loose tube stranded; the tubes are filled with water resistant filling compound. The tubes are stranded around fiber reinforced plastic are a non-metallic central strength member into a compact and circular cable core. After the ADSS cable core is filled with filling compound, it is covered with a thin PE inner sheath, after two layers of Aramid yarns which are applied in two directions over the inner sheath as strength member, the ADSS optical fiber cable is completed with PE or AT outer sheath.

The actual status of overhead power lines is taken into full consideration when ADSS fiber optic cable is being designed. For overhead power lines under 100kV, PE outer sheath is applied. For power lines equal to or over 110kV, AT outer sheath is applied. The delicate design of Aramid quantity and stranding process of the ADSS cable can meet the demand on various spans.

ADSS fiber cables are with the follow characteristics:
1. ADSS cables can be installed without shutting off the power.
2. ADSS cables are excellent AT performance. The maximum inductive at the operating point of AT sheath can reach 12kV.
3. ADSS is light weight and small diameter reducing the load caused by ice and wind and the load on towers and back props.
4. The ADSS cable is large span length and the largest span is over 1000 meters.

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