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Bare Fiber Adapter

 bare fiber adapter
pdf Bare Fiber Adapters

Bare fiber adapters are used as the medium to link the bare optical fiber to fiber optic equipment. The bare fiber optic adapters have the bare optical fiber inside on one side; the other side of the adapter is a connector that can plug into the equipment. We supply SC, FC and ST bare fiber adapters, they are used to quickly and easily terminate the fiber to the equipment.

Bare fiber adapter applications:
1) For fast and temporary fiber optic connections in communication system
2) Fiber optic measurement in laboratory
3) Production line of fiber optic devices
4) Temporarily connactorizes bare fiber
5) Testing bare fiber, fiber on the reel, fiber before and after installation
6) Temporary connections to OTDRs, Power Meters, Talk sets, Demo Equipment and Dark Fiber
7) Other maintenance, restoration and installation jobs

Bare fiber optic adapter features:
1) Fits accordingly FC, ST ,SC adapters
2) Lightest weight and very compact size
3) Specially designed mechanism minimizes insertion loss
4) Highest repeatability
5) User friendly -- easy to insert, remove and reload fiber