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Bulk Fiber Optic Cable
We supply bulk fiber optic cables, including the indoor use cable and outdoor use cables, based on MOQ 1km each type. Our bulk fiber cables are compatible to international and industrial standards; they are good price and fast delivery.

The indoor use bulk fiber optic cable includes the types used for cabling or for making patch cords. We also offer waterproof type, armored miniature indoor cable, and ribbon indoor use fiber optic cables. These bulk fiber cables are single mode types and multimode types, with 9/125 SMF, 50/125 MMF and 62.5/125 MMF. Simplex, duplex, multi fiber cables and OM3 10g multimode cables are also available. The bulk cables are Rizer, Plenum, LSZH and RoHS compliant types.

The outdoor use bulk fiber cables include the types used for aerial, duct and direct buried applications. These cables are ribbon type, round type, loose tube or unitube structure cables. Military use outdoor bulk fiber cables are also available.

To use with the bulk fiber optic cables, we supply the related components and devices including the fiber optic patch panel, fiber splice closures and various fiber optic tools. We are China manufacturer and China supplier of good price bulk fiber optic cables.