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Cat5e Patch Cables

Cat5e Patch Cables

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We are Cat5e patch cable manufacturer and Cat5e patch cables supplier, we supply a large variety of Cat5e patch cords in different colors and custom length. Our Cat5e cables are premium quality and competitive prices.

The Cat5e patch cables refer to the Cat5e unshielded twisted pair. Standards for such cables are defined by TIA/EIA. Compared with Cat5, Cat5e patch cables are better performance on crosstalk, attenuation, ACR and structural return loss, but Cat5e bandwidth is 100MHz which is same as the Cat5. The Cat5e patch cable is most used in Gigabit Ethernet.

Cat5e patch cable consists of the cable itself and the connectors. Cat5e patch cord cable jacket is usually made of PVC, there are 4 pairs inside the jacket for data transmission, and they are with these colors: white/orange, orange, white/green, green, white/blue, blue, white/brown and brown. Bare copper wire is 0.51mm diameter (24AWG), UTP cable diameter is 5mm.

Cat5e patch cable connectors are well known type “RJ45” connectors. There are two kinds of assignments of pin/pair. One is called T568A, the other is T568B, and the T568B standard is most widely used. People sometimes make the Cat5e patch cable to be same connector type (for example, both use T568B) on both sides of the cable, sometimes make the Cat5e patch cables to be different connector types on each side of the cable, this depends on the cable application. Usually same connector types Cat5e patch cables are used to link different kinds of equipment, such as computer to switch, different connector types Cat5e patch cables are used to link same kinds of equipment, such as computer to computer or switch to switch.

Our Cat5e patch cables are with high quality materials and fine workmanship, they can be custom made and the delivery is fast.


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