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Cat6 Patch Cables

Cat6 Patch Cables

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We are Cat6 patch cables manufacturer and Cat6 patch cable supplier, we supply a large variety of Cat6 patch cords in different colors and custom length. Our Cat6 cables are good performance and competitive prices.

Cat6 patch cable is 24 AWG copper wires; it contains 4 twisted wire pairs. Although Cat6 patch cables are backward compatible with the former generation network cables like Cat5/Cat5e, the Cat6 cables provide much more bandwidth, about 2 times compared with Cat5e. Cat6 patch cable transmission performance is far better than Cat5e; it is regarded as the most suitable cable for data rate at 1Gbps or higher. Actually, Cat6 patch cable could suit 10Base T, 100 Base TX, 1000BASE-T / 1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet) and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet).

The most different point between Cat6 patch cable and Cat5e is Cat6 patch cables are improved performance on crosstalk and return loss, this is very important for new generation full duplex high speed networks. Connectors of Cat6 patch cables are also RJ45 type, standard for Cat6 patch cable connector is TIA/EIA 568B.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of the Cat6 patch cable cords; they are fully compatible with industrial standards and with very fast delivery as well as good price.