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Corning Fiber Optic Cable
Corning Inc invented the first optical fiber that is capable of fiber optic communications in the world. Today it is still the leader in the fiber optic cable industry and its optical fiber and optical cable products is regarded to be high quality and reliable. Corning has put over 3,000,000,000 US Dollars investment in China; it has 8 manufacturing factories in China with around 3000 workers.

Corning Inc China headquarter is located in Shanghai. For fiber optic cable business, it has one optical fiber company and one fiber optic cable company in Shanghai, which is fully run and invested by Corning. Meanwhile it has two holding companies for fiber optic cable business in China, one is in Chengdu and other is in Beijing. Not only on fiber optic cable business, Corning also provides LCD products and ceramic products used on cars in China.