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 cwdm sfp 1510


CWDM SFP 1510 is Cisco SFP fiber optic transceiver working with 1510nm wavelength, this product is colored by blue, and it is designed for Gigabit Ethernet and 1 and 2 GB Fibre Channel applications. By using such CWDM SFP transceivers, service providers and installers can provide scalable and easy to deploy networks.

The CWDM SFP 1510 is with a duplex LC fiber optic interface and it is hot pluggable unit, we supply the Cisco equivalent CWDM SFP 1510 fiber optic transceivers which are fully compatible to use with Cisco switches and routers, these SFP products are manufactured and tested according to industrial standards, they feature the good compatibility and reliable performance, the price is very competitive and we have stock of such SFP transceivers.


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