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Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDFA amplifier, the Erbium doped fiber amplifier, is the major means used to boost the signal in the fiber optic communication systems, EDFA amplifier is very important devices in the system – it is EDFA amplifier that makes the WDM transmission possible and it is the WDM that substantially increased the capacity of the fiber optic systems.

EDFA amplifier works on the principle of stimulated emission and the EDFA has two distinguishing features compared with the SOA: its active medium is a piece of silica fiber heavily doped with ions of erbium and its external energy is delivered in optical form.

EDFA amplifier gain depends on the wavelength of the input signal. The main source of noise in an EDFA is the amplified spontaneous emission. An important feature of the EDFA amplifier in its use in WDM networks is its ability to keep the characteristics constant when one or more input channels are added or dropped.