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Fast Fiber Optic Connectors

Fast Fiber Optic Connectors

pdf SC UPC Single mode fast connector

pdf SC APC Single mode fast connector

Fast fiber optic connectors (field assembly fiber optic connectors) is specially designed for FTTx use, we offer the FTTH fast fiber connectors type SC/UPC and SC/APC, they are  good performance, very competitive prices and easy to use.

Fiber optic splicing is an important part in fiber optic installation, along with the fast development of FTTH, the splicing work increase a lot and in some cases, it is hard to use traditional fusion splicing to do to work, thus the fast fiber optic connectors are introduced to solve all the problems.

Because of the fast fiber optic connectors, users do not need an expensive fusion splicer to do the work, and they do not need worry about power supply to the fusion equipment, these fast fiber connectors are very small size, easy to take and convenient to use, all they need is some simple tools and the connectors can be terminated by hands.