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Fiber Optic Cable Price
Fiber optic cable prices are different based on the different cable types, even for the same structure fiber optic cables, the prices may be different because of the different fiber strands numbers inside the cable and other factors such as fire-resistant rates. Generally, China suppliers have the most competitive fiber cable prices compared with suppliers from other places of the world.

Fiber optic cables are single mode type and multimode types, and there are various kinds of the fiber optic cables used indoor or outdoor. Indoor fiber cables are used for cabling like in FTTx projects or for making cable assemblies, like various kinds of fiber patch cables. Outdoor fiber cables are used as backbones in the fiber optic communications, they are usually with strong PE jacket and large cable diameter. Outdoor use cables are generally more expensive than indoor use cables.

Fiber optic cable prices from different suppliers are not same, sometimes they may be quite different, even you are asking about the same structure cable, this may be because of the quality, but brand names may also affect the fiber cable prices.