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Fiber Optic Management

fiber optic management

Fiber optic management products are used for the cable installers to organize and manage the fiber cable connections more easily. In many cases, people need to place fiber cables both outside and inside the buildings, terminate the cables with connectors and at last bring the individual cable to a single user. Under such conditions, there could be hundreds and even thousands of fiber optic cable links, and then it is natural that people introduce some equipment to protect the cables and manage them in the equipment, such equipment is fiber optic management units.

Typical fiber optic management products include the fiber patch panels, fiber splice enclosure and distribution frame. Fiber patch panels and distribution frames are fiber optic management equipment used indoor, incoming fiber cables will be organized into the patch panel or distribution frame tray; the cables will be melted with pigtails inside the devices, and the pigtails to connect the adapters that are installed on the patch panel or distribution frame tray. These fiber adaptors on these fiber optic management products are the interfaces to connect other outside links. Fiber splice enclosure is the fiber optic management product typically used outdoors, incoming outdoor cables will be melting together inside the enclosure, there are fiber trays inside the enclosure too, and there are no adapter’s interfaces on fiber optic management splice enclosures. There are also some other fiber optic management products, like fiber optic cassette and various terminal boxes.


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Fiber Optic Applications

  • Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Data centers
  • Military Fiber Optics
  • Medical Fiber Optics
  • Broadcast Fiber Optics

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