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Fiber Optic Receiver
Fiber optic receiver is used to transform the signal from light form to electrical form. Usually the fiber optic signal is transmitted via optical fiber and sent to the fiber optic receiver, the receiver can convert the form of the information from light to electrical, and then the electrical receiver transforms electrical signal back to its original form such as data, video or audio.

Key component of the fiber optic receiver is the photodetector. In today’s fiber optic systems, photodetector of the fiber receiver is usually a semiconductor photodiode (PD). It is a miniature device and is usually manufactured together with the electrical circuitry and put together to form an integrated package to provide power supply connections and signal amplifications.

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Fiber Optic Applications

  • Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Data centers
  • Military Fiber Optics
  • Medical Fiber Optics
  • Broadcast Fiber Optics

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