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Fiber Optic Test

Fiber optic test is to verify the fiber optic network performance after the whole network is physically installed. Fiber optic test is mainly to check the system’s attenuation and bandwidth.

Before we start the fiber optic test, it is necessary to check all the fiber optic connections in the network, this seems simple but based on the experiences most local network troubles result from incorrect connections. To perform fiber optic test for connectivity, visual fault locator and OTDR could be used to emit optical light from one end of the link and then check whether the light come out at the output end.

Fiber optic test to check attenuations including the checking of insertion loss and return loss, inspecting the connectors and splices and measure their losses. Bandwidth fiber optic test measures simply the entail performing bit error rate tests. These attenuation and bit error test is major fiber optic test and they have to be done along the entire installation work.

Equipment to perform the relevant fiber optic test include fiber power meter, light source, fault locator, talk set, optical fiber identifier and OTDR, the optical time domain refelectometer(OTDR) is one of the most powerful and easy to use tool for fiber optic test.