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Fiber Splice Enclosure

fiber splice enclosure

Fiber splice enclosure is outdoor use fiber optic management equipment. There are dome type fiber splice enclosures (economic type) and horizontal type fiber splice enclosures (standard type). Commonly used fiber splice enclosures are made of superior engineering plastic polycarbonate materials, external structural components and fastening components if the fiber splice enclosures are made of stainless with good anti-erosion and anti-aging performance.

Inside the fiber splice enclosures there are stackable fiber trays, the users can make the different outdoor fiber cables coming into the enclosure and melt these outdoor cable fibers together. The fiber trays are used to organize and manage the connections of such outdoor cable fibers, and the outer enclosure are used for further protection. We have the splice enclosures suitable for both common round optical cables and ribbon fiber cable, these splice enclosures are leak proof and high reliability. Our splice enclosures are various types to fit for 96 cores up to 432 cores.