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Multi Core Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord

multi core armored fiber patch cord

Our armored fiber optic patch cords are fully custom made, the fiber cores can be from 1 core simplex, 2 core duplex, 4 cores, 6 cores, till 144 cores. these multi core armored fiber patch cords are fully compatible with IEC and EIA-TIA standards, while they have enchanced durability due to its armored design. the cable length, jacket type, connector types can be made according to customers' requirement.

These multi core armored fiber optic patch cords are used in CATV, PON, FTTH and ATM/SONET applications, saving the space while reduce the need of extra protection, easy to install and reusable, you can easily and quickly deploy them. the multi core armored fiber patch cords are single mode and multi mode types, fiber types include OS1, OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, 9/125, 50/125 and 62.5/125. please contact us for your multi core armored fiber patch cords needs.

Available in low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket
Conforms to IEC, EIA-TIA or Telcordia performance requirements
Available in different fibre types
Available in standard and custom lengths
REACH, SvHC and RoHS materials compliant

Specification     Unit     FC, SC, LC/Armored Cables     ST, MU     MT-RJ, MPO     E2000
Single-mode     Multi-mode     Single-mode     Multi-mode     Single-mode     Multi-mode     Single-mode
PC     UPC     APC     PC     PC     UPC     PC     PC     UPC     PC     PC     APC
Insertion loss     dB     ≤0.3     ≤0.2     ≤0.3     ≤0.2     ≤0.3     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.3     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.3     ≤0.3
Return loss     dB     ≥45     ≥50     ≥60     ≥30     ≥45     ≥50     ≥30     ≥45     ≥50     ≥35     ≥55     ≥75
Wavelength     nm     1310,1510     1310,1510     1310,1510     1310,1510
Interchangeability     dB     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.2
Vibration     dB     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.2     ≤0.2
Operating temperature     ℃     -40~75     -40~75     -40~75     -40~75
Storage temperature     ℃     -45~85     -45~85     -45~85     -45~85
Cable diameter     mm     φ3.0,φ2.0,φ0.9     φ3.0,φ2.0,φ0.9     φ3.0,φ2.0,φ0.9     φ3.0,φ2.0,φ0.9


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