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Multi Core Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Multi-core fiber optic patch cables LC,ST,FC,UPC,APC,SC,E2000,MPO,MTP etc. types from specialized fiber optic factory, we are manufacturer of the multi-core fiber optic patch cords, these cables are also called multi fiber cable assemblies.

Multi-core fiber patch cables features
Different types connectors
Easy to use, easy to install and maintain
Common types and custom precision polishing guaranteed to meet or exceed application requirements and industry standards
Patch cable length and cable breakout will be built to fit your application
Different fiber cable jacket types
Optional strand numbers and optical fiber types

We have 2 types of multi core fiber optic patch cables, one type is the distribution fiber optic patch cables, the other is the breakout fiber optic patch cables, both type could realize the same function, the difference is the inner sub-unit, the distribution fiber cables are with 0.9mm diameter cable as sub-unit, while the breakout fiber cables sub-units inside the jacket is already 2mm or 3mm diameter cables. The distribution cables are smaller overall diameter and cheaper, while the breakout fiber patches cables are stronger and more robust.