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SFP 1000Base

 sfp 1000base

SFP 1000Base are the small form pluggable fiber optic transceiver modules which are used with 1000Base networks. Typical SFP 1000Base include SFP 1000Base T type which is the copper SFP, SFP 1000Base SX type which is a multimode SFP used for short distance data transmission, SFP 1000Base LX/LH which is the SFP that fit to use with both single mode and multimode links over a relatively longer distance, SFP 1000Base ZX which is the SFP that is designed for super long distance data transmissions.

There are also SFP 1000Base transceivers that work with only one strand of single mode fiber, which is also called the BiDi SFP. And there are SFP 1000Base CWDM modules, typical working wavelength of these CWDM SFP 1000Base range from 1470nm to 1610nm. We supply above SFP 1000Base transceivers with good prices and prompt delivery.