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Single mode Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord

 armored fiber patch cord

Single mode armored fiber optic patch cord can be made simplex, duplex, and multi core structure, and it can be with various type of connectors including LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MU, E2000, SMA etc. the connectors can be UPC or APC polished. the fiber is typical 9/125 single mode, including G652d or G655, G657 optional.

The single mode armored fiber optic patch cords are with OFNR or OFNP, LSZH jackets available, cable diameter is 3mm or 2mm. these cables are flexible and easy to use for indoor/outdoor applications, it has inner stainless armor to protect the whole cable, inside armor there is Kevlar and inner tube to protect the fiber.

Single mode armored fiber patch cord features
Stainless steel tube & metal braid under outer LSZH jacket
Micro diameter stainless steel tube for protection
High resistance of tensile strength, pressure, rodent bite
Without damage by construction
Ensure transmission power and avoid additional attenuation
Prevent optic fiber from destroy by harsh environment
Prevent optic fiber from destroy by improper operation

Single mode armored fiber patch cord Applications
FTTH, LAN, Test equipment, Military industry
Measuring equipment
Fiber optic communication system
Optical active component and equipment

Fiber Type     Singlemode 9/125
Endface Type£¨nm£©     PC     UPC     APC
Insertion Loss£¨dB£©     ≤0.20     ≤0.20     ≤0.30
Repeatability£¨dB£©     ≤0.10
Exchangeability£¨dB£©     ≤0.20
Return Loss£¨dB£©     ≥45     ≥50     ≥60
Core Diameter     9.2µm ± 0.4µm @ 1310nm
Cladding Diameter     125µm ± 1µm
Outer Diameter     3.2mm ± 0.10mm
Max. Attenuation     0.5dB/km @ 1310nm
0.4dB/km @ 1550nm
Min Static Bend     10D
Min Dynamic Bend     15D
Tensile Load (long term)     200N
Tensile Load (short term)     400N
Crush (long term)     3000N/100mm
Operation Temperature(¡æ)     -25¡æ~ +70¡æ
Storage Temperature(¡æ)     -40¡æ~ +85¡æ
Durability(time)     >1000 times
Industry Standard     Telcordia GR-326-CORE


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