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Single mode Simplex LC FC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

 Single mode Simplex LC FC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

lc fiber optic patch  cable LC Fiber Optic Patch Cable
The LC fiber optic patch cable is with a small form factor (SFF) connector and is ideal for high density applications.LC fiber optic patch cord connector has a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. with a PC or APC endface, and provides optimum insertion and return loss.
pdf LC Fiber Optic Patch Cabe
fc fiber optic patch  cable FC Fiber Optic Patch Cable
The FC fiber optic patch cable is available in both singlemode and multimode versions, and is fully intermateable with NTT-FC products. Both smf and mmf versions FC fiber optic patch cord come with a zirconia ceramic ferrule with pre-polished PC profile and convex spherical end.
pdf FC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

We supply LC FC single mode simplex fiber optic patch cables; they are with high precision ferrules in PC, UPC or APC polish. The FC LC simplex single mode fiber optic patch cable use 9/125 single mode optical fiber, the cable length, cable diameter and colors are all optional. fiber optic jumper cables feature the good price, fast delivery and excellent performance.

LC is the fiber optic connector invented by Lucent; it is small form factor connector suit for dense installations. LC has single mode and multimode versions, simplex or duplex, PC, UPC or APC. LC features compact, pull-proof design and RJ-45 style interface. Our LC fiber optic patch cables are compliant to IEC and EIA/TIA standards, they are compatible to use with equipment from other companies. We supply the LC fiber optic connectors, jumper cables, adapters, LC attenuators and related LC fiber optic components.

FC fiber optic cables are widely used in fiber optic systems; especially FC single mode products are very popular. FC standard fiber optic connectors are used for telecommunications, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, Test & Measurement, Industry, Medical and Sensors. FC fiber optic connectors comply with IEC 61754-13 & CECC 86 115-801 standards. They are well known for general, average applications. We supply single mode and multimode version FC fiber jumper cables and FC fiber optic components.

LC FC single mode simplex fiber optic patch cable applications
Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)
Gigabit Ethernet
CATV, Video and Multimedia
Active Device/Transceiver Interface
Premise Installations
Telecommunication Networks
Parallel optical interconnect between PC Cards and patch panels
Interconnection for O/E modules
Optical Switch interface connections

FC LC simplex single mode fiber optic patch cable features
Precision ferrule
High precision connector alignment
TIA/EIA Compliant
UPC, PC or APC polished connectors
OFNR, OFNP, LSZH, RoHS cables optional


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