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ST UPC Fiber Optic
We supply the ST UPC fiber optic cables, connectors, adapters and attenuators. These ST/UPC fiber optic products are used in LANs, instrumentation and telecommunications.

ST UPC fiber optic connector has a bayonet style metal housing and long spring loaded ceramic ferrule. Its typical insertion loss is around 2dB. ST UPC fiber optic cables are single mode and multimode types, in simplex and duplex styles. We supply various kinds of ST/UPC fiber optic cables including Rizer, Plenum and LSZH types. Custom made cables are available with optional cable length and jacket colors. We also supply ST UPC fiber optic adapters and ST UPC fiber optic attenuators to use with the connectors and cable assemblies. All our ST/UPC fiber optic products are manufactured and tested according to IEC and EIA/TIA standards; they are good price and fast delivery.