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Uniboot LC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Uniboot LC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

LC uniboot fiber optic patch cables are made with a special type uniboot LC connectors, by using this type fiber patch cord, you can save almost half of the spaces than using traditional duplex LC cables and connectors.

uniboot LC fiber patch cables specifications:
Compact design to save space
Easy installation as traditional LC
Both Senko and Suncall LC uniboot type available
Precision preradiused zirconia ferrules to ensure high performance
Low insertion loss and back reflection
Viorous cable jacket material, PVC and LSZH
Single mode and multimode types

Traditional duplex LC fiber patch cords are with duplex optical cables, this uniboot LC fiber patch cable will NOT use duplex cables, it can use a single round fiber cable to connect to the uniboot connectors, thus you save a lot of space. We supply the single mode uniboot LC fiber patch cables and Multimode LC fiber patch cords.