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FTTA Fiber Optic Cables
ODC Fiber Optic CableODC Fiber Optic Cable
ODC fiber optic patch cables are indispensable in FTTA environments characterized by harsh conditions. With the mobile communications market emphasizing investment savings and the challenges faced by mobile operators in network location, major communication manufacturers have transitioned from coaxial feeder programs to fiber optic solutions across various mobile communication systems, including GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and WiMAX.
ODVA LC Fiber Optic CableODVA LC Fiber Optic Cable
The IP-LC connectors, compliant with ODVA standards, are designed for rugged environments such as WiMax, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and fiber-to-antenna (FTTA) setups. Huihongfiber's LC series boasts the most extensive range of ODVA-compliant fiber optic connectors, featuring both metal and plastic variants of IP67-rated interconnects. This diverse portfolio offers design flexibility, ensuring FTTA systems meet industry standards and harsh environmental demands.
PD LC Fiber Optic CablePD LC Fiber Optic Cable
PDLC fiber optic patch cables are extensively utilized in Huawei/ZTE projects, serving as a popular FTTA cable solution. Our FTTA base station fiber jumpers are meticulously crafted to address market demands, providing a plethora of dedicated passive wires to expedite mobile base station deployment and ensure universal coverage.
CPRI Fiber Optic CableCPRI Fiber Optic Cable
Equipped with break out structures at both ends and LC/SC/FC/ST fiber optic connectors, these cables are ideal for various applications including FTTA outdoor base station pull far traction, RRU to BBU port interconnection, and deployment in 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, and distributed base stations, as well as power communication systems.
Nokia NSN Fiber Optic CableFullaxs Fiber Optic Cable
FullAXS connector system are developed to cater to the evolving needs of next-generation WiMAX and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Fiber-to-Antenna (FTTA) technology. This system facilitates SFP links between remote radio and telecommunication base stations. The FullAXS fiber optic patch cable, featuring the FullAXS connector and outdoor-rated optical cable, ensures robust connectivity in harsh environments.
Fullaxs Fiber Optic CableNokia NSN Fiber Optic Cable
The NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) fiber optic patch cable serves as a crucial component in base station fiber optic setups, specifically designed for outdoor environments, commonly deployed atop towers for waterproof docking with communication base station equipment ports. Its outer covering boasts low smoke emission, fire resistance, and resilience against water and rodent intrusion, reinforced by ten sets of imported anti-pull aramids within the core.

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