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Insertion Loss & Return Loss
Insertion loss and return loss are two important data to evaluate the quality of many passive fiber optic components, such as fiber optic patch cord and fiber optic connectors, etc.

Insertion loss refers to the fiber optic light loss caused when a fiber optic component insert into another one to form the fiber optic link. Insertion loss can result from absorption, misalignment or air gap between the fiber optic components. We want the insertion loss to be as less as possible. Our fiber optic components insertion loss is less than 0.2dB typical, less than 0.1dB  types available on request.

Return loss is the fiber optic light gets reflected back at the connection point. The higher the return loss is means the lower reflection and the better the connection is. According to industry standard, Ultra PC polished fiber optic connectors return loss should be more than 50dB,Angled polished generally return loss is more than 60dB.PC type should be more than 40dB.

During the fiber optic products manufacturing procedure, we have professional equipment to test the fiber optic products insertion loss and return loss, our products are 100% tested on each single piece before shipment, and they are fully compliant or exceed the industry standard.

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