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Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector E2000, SC/APC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MPO, MTP, DIN, D4, SMA, Escon, SC, FC/APC, ST/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC,FC, MTP/APC and MPO/APC.

fiber optic connector
lc fiber optic connector LC Fiber Optic Connector
LC fiber optic connectors and related LC fiber products are widely used in telecommunications and on various kinds of the fiber optic equipment. LC comes from the name Lucent Connector; the name suggests its designer. LC is a typical small form fiber connector that dominates the market today.
pdf LC Fiber Optic Connector
sc fiber optic connector SC Fiber Optic Connector
SC fiber products are commonly seen and SC fiber optic connectors are found on many equipment and cable assemblies. SC fiber optic connector features its easy operation, good accuracy and low cost. Below is a drawing for the simplex SC fiber optic connector.
pdf SC Fiber Optic Connector
st fiber optic connector ST Fiber Optic Connector
ST fiber optic connectors and related ST fiber products are widely used in today’s telecommunication filed including both long haul and local network applications. ST is one of the fiber connectors that dominate the market today.
pdf ST Fiber Optic Connector
fc fiber optic connector FC Fiber Optic Connector
FC fiber products and FC fiber optic connectors are widely used on the equipment and cable assemblies, especially on the test equipment interface. FC is designed with cylindrical metal coupling nut with keyed sleeves, it is used in long haul and local network connections.
pdf FC Fiber Optic Connector
e2000 fiber optic connector E2000 Fiber Optic Connector
E2000 fiber optic connector and E2000 products are more and more used in the communication filed because its good performance. E2000 is a trademark of Diamond company and E2000 series include a wide range of different styles.
pdf E2000 Fiber Optic Connector
mtrj fiber optic connector MTRJ Fiber Optic Connector
MTRJ fiber optic connector and MTRJ fiber products include the adapter and various cable assemblies are one of the most commonly used products in market. MTRJ features the 2-fiber, dual connection and single ferrule design. MTRJ inherit the RJ style snag-free latch design.
pdf MTRJ Fiber Optic Connector
mu fiber optic connector MU Fiber Optic Connector
MU fiber optic connectors and related MU fiber products feature the small form design. MU fiber connector use 1.25mm pull-proof designed ferrule and the whole connector is with reduced footprint, size of the MU fiber optic connector is about half of the SC.
pdf MU Fiber Optic Connector
sma fiber optic connector SMA Fiber Optic Connector
SMA fiber optic connectors and related SMA fiber optic products are widely used in medial, sensor and fiber optic test applications. SMA was developed by Amphenol company and it features the compact size and excellent durability and repeatability.
pdf SMA Fiber Optic Connector
din fiber optic connector DIN Fiber Optic Connector
We supply DIN fiber optic connectors, there are single mode UPC, single mode APC and multimode UPC types available. These DIN fiber connectors are used in telecommunications, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, test & measurement, industry, medical and sensors.
pdf DIN Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector is an important components used in the fiber optic network. It is also the key part used in fiber optic patch cord and fiber optic pigtail. There are many kinds of fiber optic connectors.we supply one piece fiber optic connectors various types, including standard connectors and irregular types, epoxy types. we supply fiber optic types include: SC fiber optic connector,FC fiber optic connector,ST fiber optic connector,LC fiber optic connector,MU fiber optic connector,SC/APC fiber optic connector,FC/APC fiber optic connector,etc.both Single mode fiber optic connector and multimode fiber optic connector available.

There are Single mode fiber optic connector and Multimode fiber optic connector, Single mode fiber optic connectors can be with PC, or UPC or APC polish, while Multimode fiber optic connectors only with PC or UPC polish. PC or UPC or APC refer to how we polish the ferrule of the fiber optic connectors. Judging from the out looking, Multimode connectors are usually with black boot or beige color, Single mode PC and UPC ones are usually with blue or black color, Single mode APC is with green color. Insertion loss is important technical data of the fiber optic connectors. The smaller the better. APC insertion loss is smaller than UPC, UPC is smaller than PC.

E2000 fiber optic connector
E2000 fiber optic connector is one of the newly develped types, which features a spring-loaded shutter used to protect the ferrule from dust and scratches. E2000 fiber connectors is similar size of SC fiber connectors.there are single mode E2000 fiber optic connectors and Multimode E2000 fiber optic connectors. UPC,APC polish types.

SC fiber optic connector
SC fiber optic connector is with push-pull structure; it is one of the earliest and most commonly used types. With the plastic housing, the SC fiber optic connector is low cost. But it is also with good accuracy; SC fiber optic connector is widely used in mass installations.

FC fiber optic connector
Same as SC fiber connector, FC is also invention of NTT Company from Japan. FC is with metal housing, screw structure, as the same products developed by one company, FC fiber optic connector ferrule and sleeves used in FC fiber optic adaptor are both same as SC ones.

ST fiber optic connector
ST fiber optic connector is also a metal structure, unlike FC fiber optic connector; ST is a push-pull type, not screw type as FC. ST are usually used in 10Base-F while SC usually used in 100Base F, ferrule of ST fiber optic connector is exposed outside, SC fiber optic connector ferrule is designed to be inside of the housing.

LC fiber optic connector
LC is the short form for the company name Lucent, LC fiber optic structure is similar like the RJ ones, and it is push and pull. Size of ferrules and sleeves used in LC fiber connector and LC fiber adaptor is half of SC and FC, it is 1.25mm. LC is widely used in single mode fiber network, and it is more and more used in multimode network as well.

MT-RJ fiber optic connector
MT-RJ was developed based on NTT's MT connector, and with the RJ-45 style structure, so it got the name MT-RJ. MTRJ connector is with duplex fiber channel inside one single connector, the space between the two channels is 0.75mm. MT-RJ is widely used for data transmission.

MU fiber optic connector
MU is short form of Miniature unit Coupling, it was developed by NTT based on SC fiber optic connector, MU is by now the smallest single ferrule fiber optic connector in the world, so it is good choice for densely installation. NTT has developed a series of MU products. As the fiber optic network bandwidth goes bigger and with wide use of DWDM, demand of MU fiber optic products is also increasing. All above fiber optic connectors are with ceramic ferrules with various sizes, except for MT-RJ ones. MT-RJ is with plastic ferrule.

SMA fiber optic connector
We supply medical use SMA 905 and SMA906 series fiber connectors & cable assemblies.these products make use of threaded connections and are used for connection of some of the medical equipment because of their low cost multimode coupling.unlike common type of fiber optic patch cables with ceramic ferrules, SMA 905 and SMA 906 fiber optic connectors are with stainless alloy or stainless steel ferrules.

Field Assemblies Fiber Optic Connectors
The new series of field assembling connectors enable fiber optic cable assembly in filed working to be simple, quick and cost effective. there are various types to fit for 0.9mm , 2.0mm and 3.0mm fiber optic cables.Compliant with standard IEC 61745, EIA/TIA 568 and ROHS compliant.

Stainless steel housing Integrated & Sealed Fiber Optic Connectors
Integrated with and shielded by stainless steel housing,these new fiber optic connectors are Sealed and Resistant to temperature,chemicals and corrosive materials.LC,SC,MT-RJ,etc types available.

45 degree and 90 degree Fiber Connectors & irregular ferrule Fiber Connector
Besides the standard fiber optic connectors ,we supply fiber optic connector with irregular size ferrules, for examle,long/short ferrule ,with various sized ,we also supply fiber optic connectors with 45 degree or 90 degree boot, we offer custom design and manufacturing of the fiber optic connector.

Fiber Optic Connector specifications
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 0.2 (UPC)
Temp. Range ≤ 0.2 dB ( - 40 to +80 degree centigrade)


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