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Single Mode Fiber & MultiMode Fiber

What is single mode fiber and what is multi mode fiber ?
First of all, we have to know there is no difference as to fiber optic light, there is no "single mode fiber optic light" or "multi mode fiber optic light", and there is only one type. Here "mode" means the way of movement of the fiber optic light inside the media - fiber optic glass core. Light in the single mode fiberglass travels almost straight ahead, while in the multi mode fiberglass, it is like traveling between the mirrors.

What is single mode fiber optic cable and what is multi mode fiber optic cable?
It is easy to judge this from the outer appearance for indoor cables and fiber optic patch cords, single mode fiber optic cables and single mode fiber optic patch cords are with yellow color, and on the cable there are usually words printed such as " 9/125 SMF" here the SMF means Single Mode Fiber, 9/125 means the fiber glass diameter and fiber core diameter (fiber glass with cladding) multimode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic patch cords are usually with orange color and with words like "MMF 50/125" or "MMF 62.5/125" printed on the cable outer jacket.

Single mode cables are used for long distance transmission, while multi mode is for short distance. Single mode fiber optic cables are cheaper compared with multi mode fiber optic cables. The reason is multi mode fiber optic cable manufacturing procedure is complicated.

Below are the pictures for illustration:
Single mode fiber optic cables with single mode fiber, yellow color jacket, this is a LC to FC single mode fiber optic cable.

single mode fiber patch

Multi mode fiber optic cables with multi mode fiber, orange color jacket, this is a MTRJ multi mode fiber optic cable.

multimode fiber patch
We supply a wide range of products made of both single mode fiber and multi mode fiber, we not only supply the common types fiber, but we also supply special ones like bendable single mode fiber,laster optimized multimode fiber.


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