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Riser Fiber Cable
Riser rated fiber optic cable (NEC 770 OFNR):

Fiber optic cables are being used more and more in nowadays networks for data transmission, they are not only used in big project outdoor, such as connection between cities, but also inside the buildings and rooms. Commonly used outdoor cables are black color, with strong armored inside the outer jacket, some of them are buried underground, some of them are used in aerial, some inside the ducts. Some of the fiber optic patch cords are also designed to be deployed outdoor, but many of them are used indoor, these fiber optic patch cords are typically with thin jackets and are not armored, like we see they are with yellow color jacket for single mode and orange color jacket for multi mode. Riser is the standard as described in NEC770 for OFNR fiber optic cables and fiber optic patch cords that are intended to be used in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor.

Generally, fiber optic patch cords are with tight-buffered fiber optic cable structure, there are simplex, duplex, and multi fiber type tight-buffered fiber optic cables for making fiber patch cords. According to NEC 770, the fiber optic cables are classified as this: general purpose type, Riser application type and Plenum type, among these three types, plenum is with the highest standard for fire-resistant and it require almost no halogen gas be generated in case it got burned. Riser (CMR) type fiber cable is also required to be fire-resistant, but it is not so strict as halogen gas produced if it caught on fire. Flammability of riser fiber optic patch cord is low, it can be burned but will self extinguish when the flame is removed, when it get burned, it generate toxic and corrosive gases.

We are manufacturer and supplier of riser fiber optic patch cords and fiber cables.

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