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MTP Fiber Cable
MTP Trunk CableMTP Trunk Cable
The MTP fiber optic patch cables come in various configurations, featuring simplex mini core round or ribbon cables with fiber counts ranging from 4 to 144 or more. We offer both female and male type mtp connectors to suit diverse needs. These cables are jacketed with Mini-Core Plenum (OFNP), Mini-Core Riser (OFNR), or Mini-Core Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) materials, catering to different environmental requirements. Available optical fiber types include G652D OS2 single mode, G657 single mode bend insensitive, as well as multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OM5.
MTP Harness CableMTP Harness Cable
MTP to LC harness cables are utilized to distribute the 8/12/16-core mtp fibers into standard connectors, typically mtp to LC, although options include mtp to SC/ST, FC, MTRJ, E2000, and more. These cables facilitate the transition from backbone trunk cables to fiber management racks. Available cable jackets include Mini-Core Plenum (OFNP), Mini-Core Riser (OFNR), and Mini-Core Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), while optical fiber types range from single mode OS2 to multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OM5. The mtp to LC harness cables can be customized with 2mm or 3mm ruggedized furcation legs in various lengths, enhancing durability.
MTP Conversion CableMTP Conversion Cable
MTP conversion cables, also known as conversion harness cables, share the fanout form of mtp breakout cables but differ in fiber counts and types. Terminated with only mtp connectors on both ends, they are ideal for high-density cabling. These cables facilitate 10G-40G, 40G-40G, 40G-100G, and 40G-120G direct connections, minimizing fiber wastage and enhancing the capacity and flexibility of existing base-12 and base-24 mtp cabling systems.
MTP LoopbackMTP Loopack
MTP loopback (Loopback) serves as a passive optical device, housing mtp loopback jumpers that route optical fibers from both ends into an mtp connector. This setup maintains the optical path within the same connector without altering the signal or reflecting it back to itself. Particularly valuable in 40/100G network communication, mtp loopback provides an effective means to test the transmission capability and receiving sensitivity of network equipment. By analyzing the return signal, it can identify various potential issues, facilitating comprehensive testing and evaluation of network comtpnents and interfaces.
MTP Patch PanelMTP Patch Panel
The MTP fiber optic patch panel stands out as a highly economical and cost-effective solution for high-density fiber applications. Each mtp optical fiber distribution frame and fiber optic patch panel from Huihongfiber offers the versatility to accommodate multiple mtp boxes, making them the most dense solutions available among MTP/mtp enclosures. Additionally, alternative fiber optic cassettes and plates, such as LC, LC/APC, and mtp connections, are readily available to cater to diverse requirements. Custom mtp fiber distribution frames and fiber optic patch panels are also offered for straightforward OEM solutions.
MTP CassetteMTP Cassette
MTP optical fiber cassettes and patch panels find extensive use in large data center computer rooms, optical fiber backbone connections, and distribution unit management. These environments demand high-density integrated optical fiber line setups to facilitate FTTX and 40/100G SFP transceiver optical module connections. Installed within 19-inch racks and cabinets, they can be outfitted with mtp pre-terminated module boxes or front panels equipped with mtp adapters, offering a modular design for simplified deployment or expansion of network infrastructure.
MTP Custom CableMTP Custom Cable
Huihongfiber specializes in manufacturing standard mtp/MTP cables, cassettes, and patch panels, offering custom design options to meet unique client requirements. With our team of experienced engineers, skilled workers, and advanced manufacturing facilities, we can deliver tailored mtp/MTP fiber optic products to our clients.
Fiber Optic CleanersFiber Optic Cleaner
Fiber optic cleaning is an indispensable procedure in fiber optic installation and inspection, ensuring the quality of connections and signal transmission. Our range of fiber optic cleaning tools includes 1.25mm and 2.5mm pen-type fiber optic cleaners, mtp/MTP fiber optic cleaners, and fiber optic cleaning cassettes.

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