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Fiber Optic Converter,Fiber Media Converter

We are supplier of 10/100base fiber optic converters , Gigabit,10/100/1000Base, SFP,single fiber, 10/100M,dual fiber,SNMP managed,10/100/1000M fiber optic converters, media converter chassis, RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 fiber optic modems, E1,V35 fiber optic modems.

fiber optic converter

SNMP Managed Fiber Media Converter SNMP Managed Fiber Media Converter
SNMP Managed Ethernet Media Converter enable user to monitor the working status of the converter and to inspect the connection type status as well as to configure system parameters. SNMP managed fiber optic media converters are used in the chassis, they are pluggable type into the media converter chassis, the converter types can be single mode or multimode, single fiber WDM fiber optic media converter or common dual fiber types, they are designed with redundancy power supply. This type converter is used with our Netriver softwares.
10 100 Converter10/100M Fiber Media Converter
We supply 10 100 converter both dual fiber type and single fiber type. these 10 100 media converter are economic and convenient to use as copper to fiber devices in 10 100 Ethernet. The 10 100 dual fiber converters have single mode type and multimode type, they are the most commonly used converters and they are cheap. The 10 100 single fiber converters have only single mode type and this converter use WDM technology to transmit and receive signal via the same optical fiber.
Gigabit ConverterGigabit Converter
Gigabit converter is available both single mode type and multimode type, these 1000 converters are used in Gigabit Ethernet as copper to fiber conversion equipment. Our single mode Gigabit converter transmission distance from 10km up to 70km optional, multimode Gigabit converter transmission distance is 224 meters for 62.5/125 fiber, or 550 meters for 50/125 fiber. The 1000 converter meet the requirement to use in high-speed high stability 1000M Ethernet.
10 100 1000M fiber converter 10/100/1000 Fiber Media Converter
Our 10/100/1000base fiber optic media converter feature its auto negotiation and the stability. They act as economic fiber to copper media conversion devices in the Ethernet, single mode 10/100/1000base fiber optic media converter working distance up to 100km,multimode 10/100/1000base fiber optic media converter working distance up to 500 meters. For single mode converters we supply the dual fiber type and the single fiber type.
Single Mode to Multimode Converter Single Mode to Multimode Converter
Single mode multimode converters are simple and stable equipment to connect multimode fiber traffic to single mode fiber devices and links.We have 100 base and 1000 base single mode to multimode converters, these bi-directional converters could be used individually to connect 100Base-FX or 1000Base-FX multimode devices to accordingly singlemode devices, or in pairs at each end of long-distance single mode fiber links.These Converters offer perfect solution dispersed networks where media conversion required between multimode segments separated by long distances.
media converter chassis Media Converter Chassis
Media converter chassis is mainly used to manage the various media converters, all the converters plugged into the chassis will share same power supply, so that they are easy to manage. We have the 14 slot media converter chassis and 16 slot media converter chassis. 14 slot type media converter chassis could use stand alone type converter to plug into it, 16 slot media converter chassis use is slot type converter to plug into it. All converters used with chassis are hot pluggable.
sfp media converter SFP Fiber Media Converter
We are supplier of SFP Ethernet media converters, gigabit SFP fiber optic media converters,10/100M and 10/100/1000M types available. This converter can be used with different types of SFP transceivers.
fiber optic modems Serial to Fiber Optic Converters
We are supplier of RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 fiber optic converters, RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 to fiber converting device, these fiber converters are competitive prices and fast delivery as well as good compatibility.

In Today's systems, LANs are becoming larger and more complicated, people are looking for equipment that is cost effective and flexible and easy to manage, the fiber optic converters play an important role there, they can connect different types of media effectively and seamlessly. Fiber optic converters are used in the fiber optic network to transform the signals sent from fiber glass to traditional UTP cables, they are typically used in Ethernet as physical layer networking equipment .Huihong offer 10/100 base fiber optic converters and 10/100/1000 base fiber optic converters. The 10/100M converter mediates between a 10/100Base-Tx segment and a 100Base-Fx segment. The 10/100/1000M converter mediates mediates between 10/100/1000Base-Tx segment and a 1000Base-Fx segment. This Ethernet media converter can extend the conventional 10M Ethernet or 100M or 1000M Fast Ethernet to an optional 20Km-120Km distances via the fast Ethernet Fiber-optical Line.

Fiber media converter is equipment, which receives data signals, sent via one media, convert the signals and then transmit the signals into another kind of media. Fiber optic media converters can convert the signals sent from copper cable to signals that run on the fiber cable, they are copper to fiber or fiber-to-fiber conversion devices. There are single mode converter and multi mode converters, for single mode converter, there are dual fiber type and single fiber type which the fiber cable functions both as transmitting media and receiving media, while for multi mode converter, there are only dual fiber types. Single fiber media converters are also called WDM fiber optic converters.

Working distance of the fiber optic converters are different .for typical multimode fiber optic converters, their working distance max is about 2km, for single mode fiber media converters, their working distance can be 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km and up to 120km.

Stand alone fiber optic converter is a small device with the fiber optic interface and copper cable interface and the power supply adaptor, for the fiber optic interface, SC type is the most commonly used, but there are also FC and ST types. For the Ethernet interface, it is usually one or several UTP cable ports. There are also chassis type fiber optic converters, typical type is a 19-inch rack-mounted chassis, with 16 slots on it, so that it can fit 16 pieces of chassis type fiber optic media converters. For chassis type fiber media converters, they share the same power supply. They function as plug and play and thus is easy to manage. There are also 14 Slot Media Converter Chassis, Its feature and application is similar as 16 slot chassis media converter, the difference is 14 slot chassis is used with stand alone media converters, while 16 slot chassis is used with card type media converters, and 16 slot chassis is bigger size.

Single mode to Multi mode Fiber Optic Media Converter
These Converters are simple and reliable devices for connecting multimode fiber traffic to single mode fiber devices and links. Use these bi-directional media converters individually to connect 100Base-FX or 1000Base-FXmultimode and single mode devices, or in pairs at each end of long-distance single mode fiber links. These Fiber Converters are the perfect solution dispersed networks where media conversion required between multimode segments separated by long distances.

Wall Outlet Fiber Optic Converter
This converter is a 10/100base TX to 100base FX converter designed for installation in standard cable ducts. This unit fits easily into existing socket base plates throughout the cable trucking. The unique and compact design enables the unit to fit into standard double size cable duct frames. This converter is with two RJ-45 ports on the front size and one SC fiber optic port on the reverse side. Each of the RJ45 port supports 10Mbps or 100Mbps and auto speed negotiation is also featured. The fiber connection on the reverse side of the converter complies with 100Base FX standards. Fiber cabling terminates inside the cable duct when a connection is made to the converter. This converter is designed for fiber optic desktop applications.

Plastic Fiber Optic Media Converter
POF converters are for fast Ethernet on plastic optical fibers. These fiber converters are available for simplex and duplex POF cables and from converters for operating wavelengths 650nm and 460nm.

Besides the above products, we are developing the fiber channel converter which enables transport of fiber channel over STM-1/OC-3 or STM-4/OC-12 trunks, and a USB to fiber converting devices to use fiber cable as the media to extend USB products working distance.


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