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SNMP Managed Fiber Media Converter

SNMP Managed Ethernet Media Converter enable user to monitor the working status of the converter and to inspect the connection type status as well as to configure system parameters. SNMP managed fiber optic media converters are used in the chassis, they are pluggable type into the media converter chassis, the converter types can be single mode or multimode, single fiber WDM fiber optic media converter or common dual fiber types, they are designed with redundancy power supply. This type converter is used with our Netriver softwares.

managed fiber converter 

 SNMP Managed Fiber Media Converter SNMP Managed Fiber Media Converter

Main functions of the network management are listed below:
1. Standard serial RS232 port is well compatible with the serial ports of computer, The administrator can log in it by CONSOLE, and initialize the configuration for network management.
2. With good compatibility, standard 10M Ethernet port can be connected to switch with straight-through Cat5 cable or to host computer with crossover Cat5 cable.
3. With power-off protection, NVRAM can store important information safely, such as IP and MAC address of the management card, system time, access password , etc. If the power was cut off, the system need not reconfiguration.
4. Provide the memory storage function of E²PROM and store important information of network management card, such as production data, manufacturer, equipment serial number, the type and description of this network management card, etc.
5. Provide 4M FLASH and 8M SDRAM.
6. Real-time monitor local and remote device status through the network management software, such as, temperature, voltage, port connection, etc.
7. Support hot swap.
8. The LEDs are convenient for operating.
9. Provide real-time clock display of system.

The hardware characteristics are followed:
1. CPU: XPC850 series
2. SDRAM 8Mbytes
3. Flash     4Mbytes
4. NVRAM 64Kbit
5. Built-in serial port based on SMCI RS-232
6. Built-in BaseT Ethernet based on SCCI
7. Built-in BDM port for adjustment
8. I/O connector with high credibility
9. I2C storage function
10. Voltage and temperature sensor


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