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Fiber Optic Termination
Fiber optic termination refers to pigtail splicing and connector installation. It is a work that requires intensive manual labor and this work usually cost a lot of time for the installers. Here we are going to give some basic introduction of fiber optic termination.

Typical procedure of fiber optic termination include these steps: preparing the optical fiber; affixing the fiber to a connector by means of epoxy; cleaving the fiber at the ferrule end face; curing the epoxy and polishing of the ferrule end face. All these steps may require manual work. Good news is that a lot of diversified termination tools kits are available to make the work easier and the trend is to make the fiber optic termination work more automation with machines.

Despite the trend to automation, field fiber optic termination and installation is still a time-consuming work. Some fast assembly connectors, for example, 3M or Corning’s filed assemblies’ connectors, are claimed to require only minutes to install by skilled workers. But you have to take into account the extra time that you need to prepare the fiber, polish, inspect and test the terminated connectors. Field fiber optic termination do have advantages in some cases but it is also limited use, here we give you an example: if you need to terminate 144 core fiber cable, and each connector you use 2 minutes (most ideal time), then for this single piece of cable, you need is 144*2= 288 minutes. That is 4.8 hours you need per cable. Advantage of filed fiber optic termination is, you can make the cable assemblies any time you need and you do not need to prepare some ready patch cables.

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