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Fiber Cable Management

fiber cable management

fiber optic patch panel Fiber Optic Patch Panel
We supply various kinds of fiber patch panels, including wall mount and rack mount types, 12 port, 24 port, 36 port and 48 port patch panels.
fiber optic splice closure Fiber Optic Splice Closure
We are manufacturer of horizontal splice closures and vertical fiber splice closures, we also supply accessories including fiber optic trays and fiber optic splice protection sleeves.
fiber optic terminal boxFiber Optic Terminal Box
Fiber optic terminal boxes are small size fiber optic management, flexible to use, with many types and different optical ports like SC/FC/ST/LC, etc.
fiber optic odfOptical Distribution Frame
Our standard fiber optic ODF are from 12 ports to 96 ports available. with optional different kinds of adapters and pigtails.

Fiber cable management products are used to organize and protect the fiber optic cables. When you deploy the fiber optic products and form a network, there could be hundreds or even thousands optical fiber cables linking between the devices and connect different users. It is important to protect these links and make them easier to organize for future maintenance work, so we need to get the fiber cable management products.

Typical fiber cable management products used for indoor applications includes the fiber patch panels, terminal boxes and fiber distribution frames. Patch panels and ODF are usually with draw type trays inside the devices, on the trays there can be installed with various types fiber adapters. These fiber cable management units are rack-mounted types and wall mounted types, with a typical 19-inch standard size.

Typical fiber cable management products used for outdoors applications is the fiber splice closures, which are used to organize and protect the outdoors fiber optical cables and fiber connections. There are stackable fiber splice trays inside the closures. We supply the horizontal type and vertical type spice closures.