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Fiber Optic Cable Installation
Installation refers to the setting up of fiber optic cable for information transmission. Before the fiber cable installation, to make a design of the entire work is necessary and useful. Fiber optic cable installation include termination work, which means placing the cable and get the cable ready for connection to the transmitter and the receiver. Splicing is usually required to connect the two cables directly together. Testing and certification of the installed cable is the last necessary step of the whole work.

Indoor fiber cables and outdoor fiber cables generally classify fiber optic cables. Installation of these cables is different. Indoors fiber optic cable installation can either be directly or using conduits or fiber optic trays. If the indoor fiber cables are directly installed, it is suggest using armored fiber optic cable, which is with stainless steel inner tube inside the cable jacket to protect the cable, and you also need to consider the fire-protect rate of the installed cable. Outdoors fiber optic cable installation is usually for buried underground or aerial. Typical aerial fiber optic cable for outdoors is the figure 8 types; typical direct buried cable is GYTA53. You can also use conduit to protect the buried cables instead of put them directly into the soil.

Here are some suggestions as what we ought to do during the fiber optic cable installation: 1.always make plans before you take action; this will help avoid mistakes and problems. 2.inspect the route before cable installation, detect the possible problems and get the solutions. 3. Keep detailed documentation. 4.during the fiber cable installation, always pull the strength member only; do not pull the optical fiber. 5. Always monitor the tension during the work. 6. Use necessary tools to maintain a minimum bend radius of the installed fiber optic cable.7.include spare fibers and innerducts.8. Make test of every fiber optic cable before and after the installation.9.during the fiber optic cable installation, keep communication with your co-worker.