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MTP Fiber Patch Cable

We offer single mode and multimode MTP fiber optic patch cables, MTP-LC, MTP-ST, MTP-FC,MTP-MU,MTP-MT-RJ,MTP-E2000,etc types custom design MTP fiber optic cable assemblies, 9/125,50/125,62.5/125,SM,MM,simplex,duplex.
mtp fiber patch cable
pdf MTP Fiber Optic Patch Cable

MTP fiber optic patch cable is with the MTP fiber optic connectors which are upgrade version of the former MPO. MTP is with better mechanical and optic fiber performance compared with MPO. Both the MTP and MPO series cables are multi fiber connectors. There are many fiber optic channels in each single connector. Because of such multi fiber feature, these connectors need to use with multi fiber cables, especially the ribbon multi fiber optic cables.

MTP fiber optic patch cables are available by single mode and multimode types. There are UPC MTP fiber cable and APC MTP fiber cable. We supply both MTP to MTP patch cable and MTP cable 1XN assemblies like one MTP connector at the one side of the cable, on the other side of the cable; it is breakout structure with 8 LC connectors. MTP fiber optic mating sleeves and MTP fiber optic adapters are also available.