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Foundry Networks E1MG-LHB Compatible 1000BASE-ZX SFP Transceiver (Single mode Fiber, 1550nm, 120km, LC, DOM)


Item Overview

Foundry Networks Part Number E1MG-LHB Manufactured by Huihong Tech
Fiber Connector SFP Max Data Rate 1000Mbps
Wavelength 1550nm Max Working Span 120km
Interface LC duplex Optical Components DFB 1550nm
Cable Type Single mode Fiber Digital Optical Monitoring Yes
TX Power 0~5dBm Receiver Sensitivity
Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70C (32 to 158F) Commodity code 8517706000

Product usage

Foundry E1MG-LHB is designed to use with so many types of Foundry equipment.

Bigiron RX Series - RX-16 Bigiron RX Series - RX-8 Bigiron Series BI-RX Edgeiron Series CF Edgeiron Series GS Fastiron FCX Series - FCX624S Fastiron FCX Series - FCX624S-HPOE Fastiron FCX Series - FCX648S Fastiron FESX Series - FESX424 Fastiron FESX Series - FESX424HF Fastiron FESX Series - FESX624 Fastiron FESX Series - FESX648 Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-POE Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-STK Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-POE Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-STK Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-POE Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-STK Fastiron FLS Series - FLS624-STK Fastiron FLS Series - FLS648-STK Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624-EPREM Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624G Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624G-POE Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648-EPREM Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648G Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648G-POE Fastiron Series FGS FastIron SX Series - SX-FI424F FastIron SX Series - SX-FI624HF Fastiron SX Series - SX800 Fastiron X Series FESX Fastiron X Series SUPERX ICX Series Switches - ICX6430-24P ICX Series Switches - ICX6430-48P ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-24 ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-24P ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-48 ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-48P ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-C12-PD ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24-I ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24-PI ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24F-I ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24F-PI ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24P-I ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24P-PI ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48-I ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48-PI ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48P-I ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48P-PI Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2024F Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048CX Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048FX Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2024F Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048CX Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048FX Netiron M Series - M2404F Netiron MLX Series - MLX-32 Netiron MLX Series - MLX-8 Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-32 Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-8 Netiron Series NI-M2404 Netiron XMR Series - XMR16000 Netiron XMR Series - XMR4000 Serveriron Series
Bigiron RX Series - RX-4 Bigiron Series BI-MGB Bigiron Series Iron-Core/Jet-Core Edgeiron Series G Fastiron FCX Series - FCX624 Fastiron FCX Series - FCX624S-F Fastiron FCX Series - FCX648 Fastiron FCX Series - FCX648S-HPOE Fastiron FESX Series - FESX424-POE Fastiron FESX Series - FESX448 Fastiron FESX Series - FESX624HF Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624P Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-POE-STK Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-POE-STK Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-POE-STK Fastiron FLS Series - FLS624 Fastiron FLS Series - FLS648 Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624 Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624-POE Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624G-EPREM Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648 Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648-POE Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648G-EPREM Fastiron Series FES Fastiron Series FLS FastIron SX Series - SX-FI424HF Fastiron SX Series - SX1600 Fastiron Workgroup Switch FWS4BDZ Fastiron X Series FWSX ICX Series Switches - ICX6430-24 ICX Series Switches - ICX6430-48 ICX Series Switches - ICX6430-C12 ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-24-A ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-24P-A ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-48-A ICX Series Switches - ICX6450-48P-A ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24-E ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24-PE ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24F-E ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24F-PE ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24P-E ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-24P-PE ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48-E ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48-PE ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48P-E ICX Series Switches - ICX6610-48P-PE Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2024C Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048C Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048F Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2024C Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048C Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048F Netiron M Series - M2404C Netiron MLX Series - MLX-16 Netiron MLX Series - MLX-4 Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-16 Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-4 Netiron Series 6910 Netiron Series NI-XMR/MLX Netiron XMR Series - XMR32000 Netiron XMR Series - XMR8000 Foundry FLS624

commodity package

We will put the fiber optic transceivers into blister package or self-sealed bags first, then we put them in cartons. there is label and marks by as default however we can do the packing and labeling as per customers needs.

Custom-made Fiber Products

Being one of the leading manufacturer since 1995, we have strong ability on manufacturing and design. from the early stage GBIC, Xenpak, X2, to the popular SFP, SFP+,QSFP, passive and active optical cables, we are growing with the fiber optic industry. thanks to our strong research team and our skilled workers, we are able to make compatible transceiver products to the equipment of most players in the fiber optic area, this save a lot of the cost for our customers. what is more, we are able to make OEM and custom designed fiber optic transceivers and cables for clients projects. As manufacturer and wholesaler, our prices are unbeatable compared with online retailer stores.


Huihong Tech usually send the goods by courier like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and EMS. sometimes we use by air or by sea ways according to customers needs. whichever way it is, we offer the on time and fast delivery. we keep many commonly used fiber transceivers in stock for fast delivery, we can make immediate delivery on customers orders. for items that is no stock, delivery is also fast and usually within 1-3 working days. we send a lot of the goods via these couriers and we generally have half discount or lower rate with them, this help saves the cost of our customers. we can also use your account with the express companies to send goods on collect, or hand the goods to your appointed forwarders. welcome to contact us for your fiber optic products needs.

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Fiber Optic Applications

  • Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Data centers
  • Military Fiber Optics
  • Medical Fiber Optics
  • Broadcast Fiber Optics

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