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10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter

10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Meida Converter

10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter

10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter can convert Optical-Electric Ethernet signals between 10/100/1000M UTP  interface (TX) and 1000M optical fiber interface (FX). The traditional 10/100/1000M gigabit Ethernet  can be extended to the distance of 100km through optical fiber link via this 10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter.
10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converters Main features
1. Auto negotiation function allows UTP ports to auto select 10/100/1000M and Full Duplex or Half Duplex.
2. UTP port supports MDI / MDI-X auto crossover.
3. Supporting the max 1536 byte Ethernet packet.
4. Supporting flow control
5. Adopting internal power supply
10/100/1000Base Dual Fiber Media Converter Technical Specifications
* operating standards: IEEE802. 3z/AB 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX/LX
* MAC address table: 4K
* Data Buffer: 256K
* Connector: UTP: RJ-45, 10/100/1000Mbps, Fiber: SC, 1000Mbps
* Cable
UTP: Cat 5e or Cat 6 (the max distance up to 100m)
Fiber (multimode): 50/125, 62. 5/125μm (the max distance up to 550/224m)
Fiber (single mode): 8. 3/125, 8. 7/125, 9/125μm (the max distance up to 100km)
* Flow control
Full Duplex: IEEE802. 3x flow control
Half Duplex: Back pressure flow control
* Power: AC 90 ~ 240V; DC 5V.2A
* Ambient temperature: 0 ~ +50degree
* Storage temperature: -20 ~ +70degree
* Humidity: 5% ~ 90%


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