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WS G5484

We offer a high quality GBIC WS G5484 that is 100% compatible with branded manufacturer WS-G5484's, good price and very fast delivery.

WS G5484

WS G5484 GBIC pdf

WS G5484 is Cisco 1000Base-SX GBIC fiber transceiver, which operate on common used multimode fiber optic link to the distance around 550 meters. WS G5484 working wavelength at 850nm, its dimensions is about 1.2 in x 2.6 in x 0.4 in. This hot swappable GBIC WS G5484 is with data transfer rate 1Gbps and work according to IEEE 802.3z standards. The WS G5484 is used for short distance fiber connections such as jumpering switches together in a rack or between racks. WS G5484 fiber interface is duplex multimode SC connector. We offer equivalent fiber transceiver the function same as Cisco GBIC WS G5484.