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Fan Out Fiber Optic Pigtails

Fan Out Fiber Optic Pigtails

pdf Fan out Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fan out fiber optic pigtails are usually 1XN structure, at the N end of the fan out fiber pigtail, it can be terminated with different kinds of connectors, typical connectors used are SC/ST/FC/LC, single mode or multimode, UPC/APC/PC polished types, at the other end of the fan out fiber optic pigtail, sometimes there is MTP/MPO connectors, sometimes without termination of fiber optic connectors.

We supply various kinds of fan out pigtails, include ribbon cable fan out fiber optic pigtail and round cable fan out fiber optic pigtail, the break out cables can be 3mm outer diameter or 0.9mm outer diameter, the break out part of the pigtail can be with break out kits or with heat shrinkable tubes. The cable can be custom made.

Fan out fiber optic pigtail features:
Compliant with the standard of IEC
High Return Loss
Low Insertion Loss
Good reliability and stability
Polishing type: PC, UPC, and APC
Various interfaces: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTP/MPO
Core of cable: 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 or more.

Fan out fiber optic pigtails Application:
Telecommunication network
Testing Equipment
Local Area Network


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