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FDDI Fiber Patch Cable

We offer FDDI fiber cables and FDDI fiber patch, including  multimode 50/125,multimode 62.5/125, FDDI-LC, FDDI-SC, FDDI-ST, FDDI-MU, FDDI-MTRJ, FDDI-MPO, FDDI-E2000, FDDI-FC.
fddi fiber optic cable
pdf FDDI Fiber Optic Patch Cable

FDDI fiber optic cables are used for application in the networks with the same name. FDDI cables are generally used in LANs, this design of fiber optic connector is not impressive characteristics, but they are convenient to use and reliable. FDDI is born a duplex connector with push-pull structure for quick and easy operation. FDDI features the three keys for versatile assignment in the networks and its ferrule is 2.5mm.

We manufacturer multimode FDDI fiber optic cables that are fully compatible to use with the FDDI systems. Our cables can be totally custom made using different cable jacket such as LSZH, OFNR, and OFNP. Cable length are optional, materials used can be optional to comply with ROHS standards. These FDDI fiber cables are very competitive prices and prompt lead-time.