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MTRJ Fiber Optic Pigtail

 mtrj fiber optic pigtail

pdf MTRJ Fiber Optic Pigtail

We supply MTRJ fiber optic pigtails, including the single mode and multimode types, these MT-RJ fiber pigtails are with premium grade connectors and with typical 0.9mm outer diameter cables. MTRJ fiber pigtails are with different cable color, cable diameter and jacket types optional.

The MTRJ fiber optic pigtail cable end is made of a duplex precision molded MT feruled connector. The MTRJ is with duplex plastic ferrule and compliant to TIA/EIA 568-A. this cable is duplex type, with 9/125 single mode, 50/125 multimode or 62.5/125 multimode optical fiber. MTRJ is used in ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, CATV, video and multimedia applications. We supply both male MTRJ fiber optic pigtail cables and female MTRJ fiber pigtail cables.

MTRJ fiber optic pigtail applications
Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)
Gigabit Ethernet
CATV, Video and Multimedia
Active Device/Transceiver Interface
Premise Installations
Telecommunication Networks
Parallel optical interconnect between PC Cards and patch panels
Interconnection for O/E modules
Optical Switch interframe connections

MTRJ fiber optic pigtail features
Precision molded MT ferrule
High precision guide pins for exact alignment
Duplex ferrule
Plug-jack (RJ-45) design
TIA/EIA 568-A Compliant
Polishing does not require diamond film


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