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DWDM is the short form of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. DWDM is an important technology in nowadays fiber optic network. DWDM and CWDM both use WDM technology to arrange several fiber optic lights to transmit simultaneously via the same single fiber optic cable, but DWDM carry more fiber channel compared with CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). DWDM is usually used on fiber optic backbones and long distance data transmission and DWDM system has higher demand of fiber amplifiers.

Thanks to DWDM technology, a single optical fiber capacity nowadays could reach 400Gb/s, and this capacity may even enlarge with more channels are added in DWDM. A critical advantage of DWDM is its protocol is not related to its transmission speed, thus IP, ATM, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, these protocols could be used and transmission speed between 100Mb/s to 2.5Gb/s. DWDM could transmit different type of data at different speed on the same channel.

Of the two types of WDM (broadband and narrow band), broadband WDM uses the 1300nm and 1550nm wavelength for full duplex transmission, that is to say, if a signal is sent in one direction by 1300nm, it can be sent back by 1550nm via the same optical fiber. Narrowband WDM, which is the DWDM we are talking here, is the multiplexing of 4, 8, 16, 32 or more wavelengths in the range of 1530nm to 1610nm range with a very narrow separation between the wavelengths. Nowadays, the word WDM often refer to the DWDM systems.

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