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Fiber Optic Power Meter

Fiber optic power meter is a test instrument used for absolute optical fiber power measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement .This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance,wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function. Fiber optic power meter is a tool for telecom and CATV network.
fiber optic power meter

Fiber Optic Power Meter Catalogue in PDFpdf catalogue (75.6KB) 

Our hand held fiber optic power meter features user automatic self calibration function, with backlight on-off optional function, large LCD display window to display optical power in mw, dB and dBm by high display resolution. It is with absolute and relative power measurement, quick response, without warm-up damp, dust and water proof design, pleasant package, low battery consumption (more than 240 hours continual operation time for three 1.5V batteries), light in weight and small in size.

Working Wavelength (nm) @ 800~1650nm
Detector Incas
Measurement Range (dBm) -70~+3 or -50~+26 optional (means two types power meter, user can choose to custom design)
Uncertainty ¡À5%
Calibrated Wavelength (nm) 850,1300,1310,1490,1550 (more calibrated wavelength can be optional)
Resolution (dB) Linear 0.1% or Non-linear 0.01dBm
Optical Connector FC/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor (FC, SC, ST interchangeable connector can be optional)
Power Supply Battery (3 AA 1.5V batteries)
Battery Operating Time 240 hours
Operating Temperature(℃) -10 ~ +60
Storage Temperature(℃) -25 ~ +70
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimension (mm) 152x74x26
Weight 200g nets


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Fiber Optic Applications

  • Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Data centers
  • Military Fiber Optics
  • Medical Fiber Optics
  • Broadcast Fiber Optics

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