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LGX PLC Splitters

LGX PLC Splitters

LGX PLC splitters integrate the splitter with an LGX type module, thus this product can be used stand alone or with fiber optic patch panels. The strong metal body protects the parts and splitters components inside the closure, while there are pre-teminated adapters on the LGX box to connect to outside equipment.

Huihong LGX PLC splitters types include 1X2,1X4,1X8,1X16,1X32,2X2,2X4,2X8,2X 16 and 2X32. The LGX PLC splitter is small size and robust as well as flexible to use, it works with single mode optical fibers and with multiple adapters options.

LGX PLC splitters Features:
Industry-standard Bulkhead Style
LGX-style and 19/23Inch Available
Highest Splitter Densities to Maximize Rack Space
Flexible and Scalable Platforms
Rugged BUT Lightweight Packaging for Solid Protection and Durability
Full Bend Radius Protection Throughout Modules
Many Input/Output Options for Easy Integration
SC/LC/FC/ST/MU and E2000 Connector/Adapter Options
White/Black Color

LGX PLC splitter Specifications
Parameters     1x4     1x8     1x16     1x32     1x64     2x4     2x8     2x16     2x32
Operating Wavelength     1260nm~1650nm
IL(dB).Max     7.2     10.5     13.5     16.5     20.5     7.5     11.2     14.2     17.4
               7.4     10.7     13.7     16.9     21         7.8     11.5     14.5     17.7
Loss Uniformity(dB).Max     0.6     0.8     1.2     1.5     2.5     1.5     1.5     2     2.5
PDL(dB).Max     0.2     0.3     0.3     0.3     0.4     0.2     0.4     0.4     0.4
Return Loss(dB)     ≥50
Directivity(dB)     ≥55
Fiber Length(m)     1.5(±0.1),or Specify
Fiber Type     Corning SMF-28e,or Specify
Operating Temperature(a??)     -40~+85


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