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Protocol Converter

Protocol converters are used to transform signals from one kind of network to the other kind of network,typical types include E1 to Ethernet, V35 to Ethernet and E1 to V35.

protocol converter

E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter
E1 to Ethernet 10/100Base-T Protocol Converter adopts the ASIC chip which features simple circuits and compact structure and enhances the reliability of the integrated equipment. It provides data transmission channels at a maximum bandwidth of 2.048M for the Ethernet over coaxial cables and connects two LANs through coaxial cables.
pdf E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter
E1 to V35 Protocol Converter E1 to V.35 Protocol Converter
E1 to V.35 protocol converter provides physical conversion between ITU G.703 standard E1 interface and V.35 Interface. Equipments with V.35 interface but without G.703 interface such router and multiplexer is able to transmit data via E1 multiplexer or E1 channel with E1-V.35 protocol converter.
pdf E1 to V.35 Protocol Converter

This E1 protocol converter is used to convert E1 signal to 10/100Base-T Ethernet signal, and vice versa. This protocol converter extends the bandwidth to 7.68Mbps. It can be used in two LAN connection, remote monitor or video broadcasting.

This E1 protocol converter is compatible with IEEE802.3, ITU-T G703, G704 and G823 with support of VLAN & IEEE802.1q packets, It enable any group of CH1-CH4 E1 channel to transmit the data, and can extend the bandwidth to 7.68Mbps when using 4E1 channels. The E1 protocol converter support auto-inspection of effective E1 channel without interruption of data transfer, It is designed to automatically cut off the E1Channel when it has LOS and AIS alarm, and inform the remote end simultaneously. This E1 protocol converter support remote E1 Loop function, with 75/120-ohm Optional of E1 channel impedance.

E1 to V35 protocol converter realizes the bi-directional data transfer from E1 port to V. 35 network. This equipment is used in communication network including WAN and LAN, realizing the transfer from E1 channel of SDH or PDH equipment to V. 35, which maybe provided by routers.

Both framed & unframed, both 75 & 120ohm are OK for the E1 function, protocol converter standard is G. 703, line code is HDB3.It is with alarm system for E1 loss and support local/remote loop test. This E1 to V35 protocol converter is with multiple clock selection include internal clock, V. 35 line clock and E1 recovery clock. This E1 to V35 protocol converter is with standalone and module type optional.

V35 to Ethernet Protocol Converter accomplish the converting between the 10/100M Ethernet port and the V. 35 port. It provides at most bandwidth N*64kbps data transmission channel for Ethernet through V. 35 Lines. It is suitable for many situations, such as increasing the range of LAN, founding a special Ethernet network, and so on.


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