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Fibre Optic Test Equipment

fiber optic test equipmentFiber optic testers are a series of fiber devices performing testing, troubleshooting and measurement of the fiber devices or fiber network. Testing means to use fiber optic tester to verify a network’s performance characteristics for its compliance with the specifications. Troubleshooting means to use fiber optic tester to find fault components which may be the cause of the system’s incorrect operation. Measurement means to use fiber optic tester to get parameters of a device or a phenomenon. Below we will give you a basic idea of the fiber optic testers that are commonly used.

Microscope is a fiber optic tester used to inspect the fiber connector interface, so that we can identify whether the connector end face is well polished and without dirt matter on it. Fiber identifier is a fiber optic tester which actually is a very sensitive photodetector; it can identify the presence and direction of an optical light signal without interrupting the light transmission. Fault locator is a fiber optic tester which injects a visible light into a fiber so that user could visually find where the possible fault is. Light source is a fiber optic tester which generates a calibrated and constant light power. Power meter is a fiber optic tester used to measure the average power emanating from a fiber or from a source, power meter and light sources are usually used together. OTDR is a fiber optic tester that can be regarded as optical radar, it is a powerful and easy to use fiber optic tester. power meter and OTDR are two basic equipment for fiber test job.



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Fiber Optic Applications

  • Fiber Optic Interconnect
  • Data centers
  • Military Fiber Optics
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