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Redback Compatible transceivers
Redback Compatible transceivers,3rd party OEM manufacturer, low price and fast delivery from the direct factory,100% Redback compatibility, worldwide shipping from stock,SFP, XFP, SFP+, XENPAK, X2, GBIC,BIDI,CWDM,DWDM,transceiver data rate from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. Contact us to buy and save your money and time than buying from online retailers.
Redback XFPRedback OIM-SXFP-10GE-SR
Redback compatible OIM-SXFP-10GE-SR is a 10GBASE-SR XFP 850nm 300m transceiver.
Redback XFPRedback XFP-10GE-LR
Redback compatible XFP-10GE-LR is a 10GBASE-LR XFP 1310nm 10km transceiver.
Redback XFPRedback XFP-10GE-ER
Redback compatible XFP-10GE-ER is a 10GBASE-ER XFP 1550nm 40km transceiver.
Redback XFPRedback XFP-10GE-ZR
Redback compatible XFP-10GE-ZR is a 10GBASE-ZR XFP 1550nm 80km transceiver .
Redback SFPRedback SFP-FE-FX
Redback compatible SFP-FE-FX is a 100BASE-FX SFP 1310nm 2km transceiver.
Redback SFPRedback SFP-FE-FX-LX10
Redback compatible SFP-FE-FX-LX10 is a 100BASE-LX SFP 1310nm 10km transceiver .
Redback SFPRedback SFP-GE-TX
Redback compatible SFP-GE-TX is a 1000BASE-T SFP RJ45 100m transceiver.
Redback SFPRedback SFP-GE-SX
Redback compatible SFP-GE-SX is a 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m transceiver.
Redback SFPRedback SFP-GE-LX
Redback compatible SFP-GE-LX is a 1000BASE-LX SFP 1310nm 10km transceiver .
Redback SFPRedback SFP-GE-ZR
Redback compatible SFP-GE-ZR is a 1000BASE-ZR SFP 1550nm 80km transceiver.
Redback GBICRedback ASM-SE8-GBIC-TX
Redback compatible ASM-SE8-GBIC-TX is a 1000BASE-T GBIC RJ45 100m transceiver .
Redback GBICRedback ASM-SE8-GBIC-SX
Redback compatible ASM-SE8-GBIC-SX is a 1000BASE-SX GBIC 850nm 550m transceiver .
Redback GBICRedback ASM-SE8-GBIC-LX70
Redback compatible ASM-SE8-GBIC-LX70 is a 1000BASE-LX GBIC 1550nm 70km transceiver .